Wednesday, August 20, 2008

On a "wallpaper" roll

I have been really slacking on posting so here are 2 posts in one day! Totally unheard of I know! Well, the nester's most recent post reminded me of a small project I did with wallpaper. I got a whole roll of this pretty topiary pattern at a do it yourself store called "Hood's." It was only a $1. Our garage isn't drywalled so it seems really dark on the inside. I thought I would brighten up the area by the door (which is also where I keep some gardening supplies).
Since I already did this(and neglected to take a before picture), I took a picture of the wall in another part of the garage so you could get an idea of the gloomy before....

and after....

I just remembered I also line my drawers with it.


Hello! This is my late entry into the Nester's mistreatment extravaganza. We are refinishing our basement. My husband has this special cutout place in the wall where he wants to make a fancy door for all the media equipment. Well the door wasn't being built and installed fast enough so I mistreated it. I have 2 extra window panels and I tacked one here to cover the ugly cutout in the wall...

Behind the curtain, is the furnace room---soon to be media shelving cubby hole area.
and I used the other panel to cover an ugly table.