Friday, September 5, 2008

I See a Silhouette-ah (Thunder bolt of Lightning)

I wanted to add something to flank my mirror in the dining room. I decided to make a silhouette of my 3 year old. I found step by step instructions from this blog. I didn't realize it could all be done via photoshop! No meticulous cutting required! Since we only have one child, I was going to do a silhouette of my son and our Yorkie. That plan changed when our little furball really looked like an indistinguishable furball. So instead, I just flipped the image of my son and had 2 of him.


Shannon said...

I have been seeing this idea out here and I love it! I love idea of mirroring it.

Thanks for entering the giveaway!

Kimba said...

Thanks for commenting and telling me about your project! They look great. And thanks for the how-to link. I never thought to just do them in photoshop. Great idea!

You have a lovely blog.